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You got more important things to worry about than your website and learning all about Web 2.0 technology. Why spend all your time learning about high tech stuff when you should be focused on DOING DEALS! Let us do all the heavy lifting for you, we guarantee to help you gain much needed internet exposure.

You Get Consistent Leads Coming In Automatically
(While You Do NOTHING)
The Internet Saves You HUGE Time & Money on Marketing
(Pay Once, Get Leads FOREVER)
You Dominate Your Local Market on the Search Engines
(We Guarantee You First Page on Google)
You Instantly Expand the Size of Your Marketing Audience
(Local, National and International)
We Build Your Online Presence to Make You an Expert
(We Post You on HUNDREDS of Sites)
We Track Everything and Email You Reports Regularly
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Make Money as an Affiliate of RealEstateInvestor.com
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You Make More Money and Do Less Work - Life is Good!
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"Our first real estate deal using the Web 2.0 system made a profit of over $34,000. Using their strategies I got a ton of interest on the property right away, and had the property under contract to the end buyer in 16 days. It has been a tremendous help, and I couldn't thank you enough."

- Ivy Loui

"First, We Hook Up You Up with a Custom Internet Platform that Completely Automates Your Real Estate Business Online!"

Here is just the beginning of what your system includes...

Squeeze Page and Lead Funnel Website

    + Choose Your Specific Target Market

    + We Optimize for Search Engine Traffic

    + Includes Use of Free Website Domain

Easy-to-Use Email Marketing System

    + Stores All Prospects and Leads in One Place

    + Send Email Blasts to Your Database of Leads

    + Easy-to Use Email "Auto-Responder" System

Customized Wordpress Blog/Website

    + Configured with Special Marketing Plugins

    + Fully Optimized for Search Engine Traffic

    + Easily Edit and Add Content as You Wish

Here is how this complete PLATFORM is different than all those "cookie-cutter" investor websites out there...

+ We tailor your marketing message to increase your squeeze page conversion rates from the traffic you receive.

+ We manually set up your squeeze page and blog on separate servers so Google will index your sites (unlike other programs).

+ We do the keyword research and optimize your site for search engines so you are optimized for organic traffic.

+ Your valuable leads automatically go into your Email Marketing system for you to start marketing to your contact list immediately.

+ We allow you to select your ideal target market (motivated sellers, cash buyers, private money lenders, etc)

+ Your webpages are set up to both be ideal for driving local traffic as well as national (and even international).

+ Best of all, for being one of our initial Beta members you get 3 months of the Business Platform for FREE.

After that it is only $97 a month and you can cancel any time...
(but we got a feeling you will want the leads to stop coming in).

Already have your own investor website? No problem, the REI Done-For-You marketing program will only improve the amount of leads coming into your inbox. All that matters is that you build your list as big as you can, once the leads are in your database they are your contacts to send to whatever websites you want.

Since I've done my Web 2.0 like Colin and Sam said our properties sell in 3 hours, our usual mark up is about $12,000. We can do about 1 or 2 deals per week. Your program is making us rich!

- Kurt and Cindy Squires


We Do All the Marketing Work to Send You Qualified Traffic into Your Lead Funnel!!!

After Building Your Websites We Start Doing Your Marketing Research...

Personalized Marketing Analysis

    + We Research Your Local Competition

    + We Select Ideal Keywords Phrases

    + You Receive a Custom Research Report

Google Account Setup and Configuration

    + We Setup Analytics Tracking (Statistics)

    + Automated Reports Emailed Weekly

    + Local Business Submission (for Maps)

Distribution Network Registrations

    + Content Directory Accounts (500+)

    + Web 2.0 Networking Properties (100+)

    + Social Media Syndication Sources (50+)

This represents a small amount of the sites your content will be posted on!

Here are the Different Types of Leads We Can Help You Capture...

#1 Wholesale (Cash) Buyers (includes rehabbers)

#2 Private Money Sources (includes hard money)

#3 Motivated Sellers (non-foreclosure)

#4 Pre-Foreclosure Sellers (behind on payments)

#5 Retail Buyers (non-investors)

#6 Rental Tenants (traditional rentals)

#7 Rent-to-Own Tenants (lease option)

"I am excited because after just a month I have already wired $7,000 into my bank account and have more deals getting ready to go through! It was all because of the marketing I learned through Colin and Sam's Web 2.0 program. If you want to harness the power of the internet, I highly suggest you check out this program."

- CC Riggins

A Quick Marketing Comparison...

Direct Mail Postcards - vs.- Done-For-You Internet Marketing

Marketing Budget: $1,000

Direct Mail Postcards

Let's pretend that you can get postcards sent for $.33 and that you get a 1% response rate.

Cost: $1,000 for 1 Round of Postcard Mailers

          3,000 postcards sent ($.33/pc.)

          X 1% response rate

          30 Total Leads

You must spend $1,000 to get 30 leads with postcards under this scenario. If you want more leads you need to buy more postcards every month!

Done-For-You Internet Marketing

Let's pretend that you get 3 visits to your squeeze page per day and that 33% of visitors opt in.

Cost: $1,000 for 1 Round of Done-For-You Marketing

          90 Squeeze Page Visits (3 per day)

          X 33% squeeze page opt-in rate

          30 Total Leads (in one month alone)

If you spend $1000 for marketing with the Done-For-You program you could have leads coming in month after month after month!


We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is...

Why You NEED to Reserve
Your Spot Right Now!

- Get the First to Market Advantage!
- We Won't Open to the Public Until June.
- 3 Free Months of the Biz Platform.
- The price is going to go way up later!
- We Are Only Taking 25 Beta Investors!

You Might Be Asking Yourself...

"So What Does All This Stuff Mean to Me Again?"

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What all this adds up to is...


Which then leads to...


Which then leads to..